You may stock up on blueberries, kale, or drink a lot of green tea to improve your memory and brain health, but there’s another product you might be missing out on. Even though there are a lot of misconceptions out there about CBD oil and other hemp-based products, there are a lot of benefits of CBD on your body, especially your brain. So along with the nutrients you’re getting from brain-healthy foods, you can add CBD to your routine. There are a lot of companies that sell CBD products online, including Green Garden Gold and dr+herb-al, so when you’re shopping around to find the right products for you, think about how you can soon improve your quality of life.

CBD Products OnlineHow Does CBD Affect the Brain?

First, The Endocannabinoid System

It’s a long, hard to pronounce word, but this system is found throughout your body and contains two receptors that help your body function at its best. The two receptors are CB1, which is mostly found in the brain, and CB2, which is found throughout the body in the immune system cells.

However you consume CBD, whether it’s an oil, tincture, or balm, it travels throughout your body and will reach the two receptors. When CBD and THC reach the two receptors, they react in different ways. When THC reaches the CB1 receptor, it can cause an increased appetite, heightened activity level, and even pain relief. When CBD reaches the CB1 receptor, it will actually interact and minimize the effects of THC, especially anxiety and the harm it can do to your short-term memory. There are also other cannabinoids that are found naturally within your body that CBD interacts with, such as anandamide. This fatty acid neurotransmitter helps manage and control serotonin and dopamine.

Many people still associate CBD (cannabidiol) with the psychoactive compound THC; however, CBD does not have the same effect on your mind and body as THC, which gives you a “high” feeling. So what does CBD do to affect your brain? Researchers everywhere are continuing to dive into the beneficial effects of CBD, here are a few.

Anxiety and Depression

Scientists who are studying CBD’s effects on the brain have seen that it reduces blood flow to the area of the brain that is associated with anxiety, which are the limbic and paralimbic region. CBD can also help with depression by acting as a quality antidepressant. It does this in two ways:

  • It brings balance to the dysfunctional system.
  • It enhances the serotonin receptors.

Unlike antidepressants that are prescribed by doctors, CBD acts quicker and doesn’t have any harmful side effects.

CBD Products OnlineSeizures

You may already know that CBD can help reduce the number and strength of seizures, but it’s still worth mentioning here. Just like how CBD acts to diminish anxiety and depression, patients who suffer from seizures experience relief when CBD calms seizure cells. The activity in the parts of the brain that causes seizures is actually reduced. More than that, the brain cells involved are protected by CBD and can stop the neurotransmitters that cause seizures.


According to a clinical study posted on, CBD was preferred over the antipsychotic drug Amisulpride, which is used to treat schizophrenia. This is due partly to the cannabinoid anandamide, which is found naturally within the body. CBD increases the levels of this cannabinoid and helps to regulate other neurotransmitters as well. When your body has higher levels of anandamide, there is a decrease of psychotic symptoms. An added bonus is that CBD doesn’t have the same harmful side effects as the prescribed Amisulpride.

Inflammation and Pain

To help minimize pain and inflammation, CBD binds and interacts with the CB2 receptors, which helps manage the function of some cells. Because the CB2 receptor is mainly found within the immune cells, CBD can suppress any inflammation caused by inflammatory molecules, such as chemokines and cytokines. By decreasing inflammation, CBD works to block pain signals from being sent to the brain.

CBD, even though it is a hemp-based product, is far from the compound THC. If you suffer from seizures, depression, or even schizophrenia, CBD could be the natural answer. If you want relief from symptoms without harsh side effects of pharmaceutical medication, try looking for CBD products online from a variety of retailers.

You only have one brain and even the slightest loss of memory can be scary. A seizure can be life-changing. But you deserve a quality of life that is full and healthy. Experience a natural relief with CBD products online.