It has become common knowledge at this point to the majority of society that CBD is a safe and effective tool for implementing into your daily routine for improved health and wellness — offering all of the health benefits that can be derived from the marijuana plant without the ‘high’. What we’re here to tell you today is that it’s not just for the young hipsters of the world — it’s for everyone of all ages; even dogs!

Many seniors are not even aware of the myriad of ways that CBD could improve their own quality of life or how the stereotypical views of anything related to cannabis and hemp have changed over time. So with that being said, we’re glad you’re here!

Whether you are an elderly person yourself exploring the possibility of CBD for your own health and wellness, or you’re researching on the behalf of a loved one, we’re here at Cultivating News to help you get a grasp on the potential benefits that CBD oils can provide for those of older ages.

CBD Offers A Safer Alternative To Powerful Prescription Drugs

Not only are hemp-derived CBD oils non-psychoactive, but they also don’t come along with the multitude of negative side effects associated with the vast majority of today’s prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. To put it in another perspective, if CBD oil had a television commercial, there wouldn’t be any thirty-second extension at the end muttering through all of the potential side effects as customary with all of the other drugs that you see advertised.

According to Senior Directory, the number of seniors who use daily prescription drugs has been growing continuously each year. This statistic is alarming as prescription drugs can be extremely dangerous for their elderly users, and they can be responsible for a number of severe side effects such as organ damage, tissue damage, drug addiction, and even death.

When compared to prescription medications, CBD oil products prove to be an effective aid for coping with a wide variety of chronic conditions with not near as many potential side effects. CBD is capable of providing many of the same beneficial properties without the risk of addiction as well, and it’s even being used to combat addiction to prescription drugs in many cases.

In short, taking a quick trip to the CBD store in your local area or ordering CBD products online can prove to be a much safer and less expensive option for the elderly than going to the doctor and obtaining prescription drugs. At the very least, it offers a great additional supplement to aid in the treatment of a multitude of chronic conditions along with prescribed medications.

The following are a few applications for CBD oils that senior citizens should contemplate adding into their daily health routine as they age.

Pain Relief

While it has been known that cannabis is a remarkable pain reliever to the same extent, or even more so than, prescription medications, not many people are aware that this is from the CBD compounds present in cannabis. Being able to get CBD in its purest form only increases the ability to provide pain relief for people suffering from a variety of ailments. CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that can assist those with arthritis and nerve pain as well as any variety of muscle and joint pain experienced from exercise or simply old age.

Bone Health

As one becomes of an elderly age, their bones inevitably become more fragile. CBD oils, according to multiple studies, strengthen cells that play key roles in healing fractures and supporting healthier bones. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can also aid with multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

CBD contributes towards regeneration in the body so that you can easily recover from activities that take a toll on your body at older ages, so you can feel younger again! By speeding up the process of recuperation from daily activities, CBD helps you be able to stay active and keep doing what you love with the people you love.


One area of research that is quickly growing in the world concerning CBD is support for its efficiency in battling symptoms brought about by glaucoma, a neurodegenerative disease that it most common in the elderly. It affects eyesight due to an increase in pressure in the eyes known as intraocular pressure (IoP).

It has been acknowledged for decades that marijuana helps reduce the pressure caused on the eyes, but it used to require too high of a dose that accompanied large amounts of THC to be effective. So even if there was less pressure on the eyes, you couldn’t open them because you were too high! Now, thanks to CBD oils, you can get all of the pressure relief with none of the psychoactive side effects since there is little to no THC present in pure CBD hemp oil products.


As we age, the more difficult it becomes to experience consistent periods of deep sleep. This is a major problem for those of older age as sleep is more vital than ever to help the body rid itself of toxic substances and prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as glaucoma, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

While currently most elderly people experiencing this are being prescribed sleep pills, they have immense potential for physiological dependence and other unwelcome side effects. By using CBD for a better night’s sleep instead, you can extend your deep sleep phases without building up a dependence or experiencing undesired side effects.


One thing that concerns many of us with older relatives is their dietary habits. As we age, our appetites can decrease quickly, which can cause weight loss along with a variety of other possible physical and mental issues. While we all know that marijuana will give you the munchies, CBD has also proven to be a great appetite stimulant and therefore helpful for getting seniors to get their required dietary intake to continue to live healthy lives.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

According to research, cannabinoids can contribute towards the elimination of toxic proteins that are consistent with Alzheimer’s patients. This is because the cannabinoids in CBD oils reduce inflammation in the brain — allowing damaged cells and neural tissue to regenerate which, in turn, fights off toxic proteins and allows memories to return and mood to be more balanced.


Besides Alzheimer’s and Dementia, epilepsy is the most common serious neurological disorder among the elderly. Epilepsy and seizures at these ages can be extremely life-threatening in many cases, and there have not been many effective and affordable medications for treatment in the past.

Thanks to CBD oils, the elderly and people of all ages are now able to receive relief from certain forms of chronic epileptic seizures with the new FDA-approved, CBD-based prescription drug Epidiolex. While Epidiolex is only available via prescription, you can purchase traditional, hemp-based CBD oils as well to receive many of the same beneficial properties.

A New Approach To Healthy Living

While we know many people may be hesitant to trying something that is brand new to them and still relatively new to society, there are copious reasons that point to why CBD is becoming a viable and accepted option by both medical professionals and consumers alike.

Especially among those of older generations, we are aware of the stereotypes encompassing the marijuana plant that you or your loved one may still hold strong opinions towards. We hope this information on what CBD can offer in the forms of benefits as well as how it is completely different from its cannabis counterparts has helped you consider the possibility of applying CBD oils to your daily routine for better health and wellness.

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