Over the last several years, CBD has been a hot topic for pet owners. From dogs to cats, even horses in some cases – pet lovers are looking to add the benefits of CBD to a regimen for the furry, cute members of their families (and we aren’t talking about your hairy, adorable Grandpa). Families with pets want to know if it is safe, effective, and which products to choose. We’re here to help provide some guidance. 

CBD for Dogs

CBD for dogs has exploded into the marketplace over the last few years, with tinctures, CBD dog treats, soft chews, capsules, and more! At Cultivating News, we have come across testimonials from folks all over the country who have great things to say about using CBD to help their beloved pets live a happy life. Here’s a few of their stories:

For Jack, a senior dog with arthritis in his hip, CBD oil for dogs has helped him to walk without shaking  in pain. His parents were very happy to report that he is running around like a puppy – something they haven’t seen in a few years!  

Olive the terrier, another senior, caused her family quite a fright when she went into a seizure with vomiting. After countless vet trips, all they were able to find out was that she has an abnormal heartbeat. Her family put her on CBD dog treats, and she hasn’t had a seizure in months. 

Basil the dachshund suffers from hip dysplasia and separation anxiety when his Nana goes to work. He happily scarfs down his CBD dog treats and has stopped peeing on the floor from anxiety. He can even get up onto his favorite spot with ease – the couch where his Nana sits (whether she’s there or not)!  

These are just some of the stories  we love, there are countless other testimonials out there from happy dog owners, who swear by CBD in treating their beloved dogs’ ailments,  with more coming out each day.

Potential Uses of CBD Oil for Dogs

Dogs have a myriad of issues that can potentially be helped with cbd oil. Studies are currently being done on dogs with epilepsy, and we have been shown some promising results. 

CBDoil for dogs and cbd treats for dogs can be used to help treat seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, cancer symptoms, and many other common health conditions. 

The reason CBDworks so well for dogs for a myriad of issues is because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a series of different receptors present throughout the entire body. Dogs have this system as well, and the CBD and other cannabinoids interact and modulate different issues such as pain, seizures, anxiety, and more. 

CBD for Cats

When it comes to caring for our feline friends, it’s a little more difficult than caring for dogs due to the lack of resources and treatments available for a lot of cat’s issues. We love our cats, but unfortunately there just aren’t as many options when it comes to caring for them. 

While there is a current lack of research on CBD for cats, the anecdotal evidence that is available is promising – there are many individual stories pointing to success in CBD for cats, just as there has been success for CBD for dogs, or humans. For example, an owner accidentally leaves their CBD out and the cat gets a hold of it. The owner notices improvement in symptoms and the cat is playing again, after a year of being lethargic. This owner concludes that the CBD is helpful and begins administering it to the cat twice a day.

Potential Uses of CBD Oil for Cats

Like dogs, cats have a plethora of issues that can potentially be treated with CBD oil. Gastrointestinal issues come to mind, such as IBD, pancreatitis, and kidney symptoms. CBD can also be used to treat arthritis, cancer symptoms, asthma, chronic upper respiratory infections, and seizures. Because CBD oil acts as an anti inflammatory, it can be used as a great pain reliever for your beloved cat as well. 

CBD for Cats Anxiety, and CBD for Dogs anxiety

As we discussed above, there are many reasons you may want to consider using CBD for your pets. However, we want to shed some extra light on CBD and anxiety in pets. Anxiety in pets can manifest in different ways – they may act out by being destructive or defecating and urinating in the house. They might lick, chew, or shake excessively. They may show hyperactivity or attempt an escape. They may show aggression, or other behaviors that are out of character. An anxious pet might hide and seek solitude, or they may do the opposite and seek comfort. 

These issues can show up for both cats and dogs, but you may not attribute it to anxiety due to the subtlety of the symptoms. If your pet is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, chances are that they may be suffering from some form of anxiety. We highly recommend CBD oil for your pets to see if it alleviates these problems.

What to Look for When Choosing CBD for Pets

Third party lab testing – Make sure the company you purchase from has third party lab testing available for purity. 

Farming practices – Was the hemp plant grown organically? Avoid products that have been grown with pesticides, as traces of pesticides can be harmful for your pet.

Extraction methods – Look for extraction methods that are chemical free. Traces of chemicals can be harmful to your pets. In our opinion, CO2 extraction is the best. 

Other ingredients – Make sure the other ingredients and carrying agents listed are safe for your pet. 

Concentration -Check the supplement facts panel to see how many milligrams of CBD are available per serving. Some companies may call this hemp extract due to FDA labeling restrictions.  If the company does not list this, it may be a negligible amount of CBD and most likely will not be effective. 

How to Dose Your Pet with CBD Oil

Because every pet is different, there is not a “one size fits all” method of dosing for your pet. Weight, age, genetics, tolerance, gender, and more all play a factor in the rate at which your pet will metabolize CBD. Start with a single dose and monitor your pet. Within an hour, you should see calming effects. If you do not notice anything, slightly increase the dose and observe again. If your pet goes beyond being calmer, and enters a lethargic state, you will want to decrease the dose next time around. CBD has no known toxicity level at the time this article was written, so we recommend experimenting with your dosing to find the right one for your pet. 

Are There Side Effects With CBD Oil for Your Pets?

There is always a chance for side effects. The good news is that because CBD oil is natural, the chance of side effects is far lower than pharmaceutical solutions. However, there are some things you want to watch out for. The most common side effects are increased appetite and lethargy. If your pet sedates easily, you may want to lower their dose. If your pet is allergic to grass, there is a rare chance they may be allergic to full spectrum products as well due to the plant matter in the oil. The good news is that these side effects are rare, and almost never serious or life threatening (provided you source your CBD oil from a reputable company). 

Talk to Your Vet about CBD for Cats and CBD for Dogs

We recommend speaking to your vet about using CBD oil for your pets, especially if your pet is on other medication. Most holistic vets will know about CBD oil and can recommend starting doses and brands they trust. We want the best for our pets, and at Cultivating News, we believe CBD can provide the best in wellness and care so your pet can live a happy, healthy life.